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Once Upon a Tide

Once Upon a Tide

You named your first car Babe Magnet. You named your last boat Negative Equity. Shouldn’t your house have a name that reflects its personality too?

Naming a house isn’t something new. Historically, houses were not organized by number, or even by street. They sprang up sporadically like mushrooms all over the countryside, often with nothing but a wagon wheel pathway connecting it to the rest of the world. Without an adhoc layout, how then could a pastor or pal find you? Or how could the tax collector record how many hearths in your home? Often the only way for someone to find your abode was by descriptive name such as Orchard House, Oak Barn and Orange Cottage. And it was these monikers that distinguished your home from others in the record books.

To this day, over a million British homes still proudly have their names as part of their official mailing address, and are so important to identifying the property that they cannot be changed until you notify your local authority. Additionally, names are not just for identity anymore; 40% of buyers are more interested in viewing a house with a name.

Today’s house names are often whimsical or quirky to reflect the personality of the home rather than its location. Below are some of the more amusing ones we have found.

Vitamin Sea

Run On Inn

Badde Manors

Looney Dunes

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