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DREAM HOME  . . .  

Not only do I make buying or selling a home as easy as being on a holiday; I then, as a thank you, GIVE you a holiday once the move is completed!!!


Watch the Resort Vacation Video below and see the type of dream vacation you could enjoy when you buy or sell your real estate through me.  There are hundreds of destinations to choose from!

*Some conditions apply.

Everyone who buys or sells Real Estate through me receives this certificate, entitling the bearer to a FREE one week vacation at resorts worldwide from Endless Vacations!

*Some conditions apply.

URListed by Frederick Pollock

Some of my happy customers who got both their dream home AND their dream vacation!

Lucy & Gord (left) Bryan (center) & Nikki (right) all earned a free vacation AND cash back!!

Suzanne and Laurie


Are you one of my happy customers? Please tell others with a 

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