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A Street Name Not Desired

Nanaimo has some quirky street names . . . Bergen-op-zoom, Dingle Bingle Hill, and Twiggly Wiggly Road, to name a few. And of course there is the charming “Sherwood Forest” Community, bearing street names such as Robin Hood Drive, Sherriff Way, and King Richard Drive. There are names that reflect the surrounding natural beauty, such as Arbutus Avenue, Rhodo Way, and Hydrangea Hill. Fur, feather, and fin are also well represented with the likes of Cougar Ridge Place, Hummingbird Drive, and Chinook Road. What Nanaimo does not have is the blood curdling, terrifying street names gracing (or shall I say dooming) some cities. Take a tour with me, and visit some of the more gruesomely named avenues.

Bucket of Blood Street, Holbrook Arizona

Gore Orphange Road, Vermillion Ohio

Aptly named because it led to the "Bucket of Blood Saloon" in Holbrook Arizona. Apparently this 1880's bar was the scene of a simple poker game gone wrong. After the smoke settled from the drunken shootout, two bodies lay dead on the floor, in what was described as a bucket of blood. That's what I call sore losers . . .

In the late 1800's, an orphanage dormitory on this road in Vermillion, Ohio caught fire. Rather than help the children escape, the evil man who ran the orphange fled alone, leaving the children to burn to death. Ever since then, the terrified screams of the dead children can be heard at the ruins. Hence the name of the street was changed to Gore Orphanage Road.

While this story is more legend then fact, I STILL don't think I'll seek it out anytime soon!

Psycho Path, Traverse City, Michigan

Not really a street at all, Psycho Path is the private driveway of a man named James Bender in Traverse City, Michigan. His neighbours say he is quite normal, still he probably doesn't get too many trick or treaters.

Shades of Death, New Jersey

Murders amassing under the secrecy of the road's hanging trees? Malaria laden mosquitoes hunkering down in the swampy morass lining it? Or ruthless highwaymen jumping out from the innumerable bushes to rob and kill their prey? Which ever legend you believe, one thing is for sure; this Warren County, New Jersey Road is every shade of morbid.

Charles Street, Manson Street intersection

Murdering Cults be warned! This Waterloo, Iowa street corner is protected by Neighbourhood Watch!

Cut Throat Lane, Bristol, England

In 1913, 21 year old Ada Jones was found in an alley bleeding to death from a slit throat. Her 23 year old boyfriend was eventually hanged for the crime. Ever since then, Cut Throat Lane in Bristol, England, has been haunted by Ada's ghost.

**Footnote: This alley has recently been designated as a "Safe Route to School".

Mount Misery Road, Long Island, New York

Mount Misery . . . motherland to myths of murders, monsters, mirages, mothmen, and men in black. This Long Island, New York Ridge Road has always been a hot spot for paranormal activity . . . even the Native Americans considered it taboo. I think I'd turn right and take Hartman Hill Road.

Cannibal Road, Utah

There are conflicting explanations as to how this Utah road obtained it's gruesome name. One thing I do know for sure, I will not be attending any Donner Party - I mean Dinner Party - here anytime soon.

Murdering Creek Road, Weyba Downs, Australia

This was the Weyba, Australia site of a planned massacre sometime around the 1860's. Apparently Yandina Officials found the Weyba Aborigines to be trespassers and poachers, so they rounded them up, and shot them to death. From the "No Through Sign", it looks like interlopers are still not welcome!

Hanging Hill Lane, Brentwood, Essex, England

The Brentwood, Essex, England Lane is said to be home to a haunting manifestation. Apparently a young woman hanged herself here, and since then has loomed around in ghostly fashion.

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